Tattoo Goo Antimicrobial Aftercare Soap 3oz

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Tattoo Goo® Aftercare soap is a specially formulated soap design for the aftercare of both piercings and tattoos. It cleanses tattoos and piercings at a deeper level than normal soap whilst still being mild and gentle and leaving no residue on the skin. It has a PCMX-L micro molecular formula and is antibacterial and microbial. The soap has been developed to provide a broad spectrum of germicidal kill while still being kind and gentle to the skin. It is important to use a gentle soap when healing a tattoo or new piercing, harsh soaps can dry out the skin which provides a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Traditional soaps can be very alkaline which although they are great for getting rid of bacteria they also strip the skin of its acid mantle. The soap provides a really good, rich lather and will leave you with a squeaky clean feeling. This is because the soap gives a deeper clean and removes more dead skin cells you get the best clean possible

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