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TATSoul 270 Artist Chair

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This artist chair has a range of fantastic features which will make you wonder how you survived before. It has an ultra-comfortable seat which moulds to your body accompanied by an ergonomic backrest. It includes a full range of adjustments including a pneumatic seat height adjustment, backrest tilt, seat tilt and backrest height. The chair has a locking system which means that once you find the optimum position, you can lock in place until you need to change it. The flexible backrest has been padded for your ultimate comfort and can be adjusted to support several areas of your back.

Another great feature is the patented straddle position which allows you comfort, flexibility and versatility while tattooing. It helps relieve pressure on the back by support your chest with the padded backrest. The chair has a 5 wheel chromed steel base which allows you maneuverability and has been constructed with heavy duty steel. This chair is the perfect complement to any of the chairs in the TATSoul series.


  • 50cm x 48cm x 45cm.
  • Base: 61cm diameter.
  • Cushion Thickness: 10cm.
  • Weight: 18.5kgs.
  • Capacity: 115kgs

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