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Surgical Micropore Tape

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This Micropore tape is a latex-free, hypoallergenic tape that is used to attach dressings to the skin. It is gentle to the skin but adheres well with minimal discomfort on removal and minimal residue on the skin after removal. Micropore consists of a non-woven fabric made from 100% viscose and is non-extensible and is comfortable to wear.

A soft pliable non-woven fabric which conforms well to all parts of the body. It can be torn easily by hand and removed painlessly leaving no residue. Permeable to air and water vapor. It comes in rolls of of 10 meters and two different widths – 2.5cm and 1.25cm.
  • Strong medical grade hypo-allergenic adhesive
  • Tape holds dressings in place
  • Perfect on a child’s skin
  • Soft surgical tape for sensitive skin
  • Permeable to air and water vapour to reduce maceration (whitening of skin)
  • Hypo-allergenic adhesive is kind to all types of skin, but does not compromise on its ability to adhere well

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1.25cm Wide, 2.5cm Wide