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The all-new X2 model is the sum of our experience from building machines during the years and has led to several improvements.

1. New Swiss X2 motor. Exclusive for the X2 models. Hi-performance motor with the 6W mechanical output. High energy efficiency (86%). Optimal for wireless battery operation with the RPS-600 power supply. Runs all type of standard needles and cartridge needles*.

2. New 4mm stroke stainless steel cam. The standard cam has been replaced with a new 4mm stroke cam made from stainless steel to enhance durability and lining performance. Cams can be exchanged like before. Four different cams are available for purchase as a kit. The new 4mm steel cam comes as standard. Use toolkit No.90 for a quick and easy cam change. See manual for more info.

3. Easy to convert between standard needles and cartridge needles. When using cartridges the Stay up spring MUST be removed to prevent strain on the motor and to function properly. The X2 version has a lid in the frame that allows quick access to the Stay up spring. Easy to remove and insert when choosing between standard needles and cartridge needles.

4. More stable give adjustment. New Cap with built-in damper prevents clatter and excessive noise when using the softer give settings. Allows you to use the whole 3 turns adjustment efficiently and without clatter. See manual for more info.

5. Higher precision and finish. The X2 models have several improvements regarding component materials and precision

Core Benefits:

  • Lightweight at only 85 grams
  • Silent and Low vibrating operation
  • Ergonomic design
  • Needle bar stabilizer so no need for rubber bands
  • Accepts standard grips, tubes and needles
  • Compatible with cartridge grips
  • Works with both clip cord & RCA connections
  • Works with most 0-13v power supplies
  • Very Durable
  • Normally stops in an upper position
  • No moving components in contact with plastic barriers
  • Wireless Ready to work with Ink machines Wireless RPS-600 power supply and batteries


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Evil Black, Slime Green, Cyanide Cyan, Blazing Gold