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Stencil Premium from Aloe Tattoo

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Stencil Premium from Aloe Tattoo is a high quality product, that is very easy to apply to the skin. With pump extraction system (more convenient and hygienic) there is no need to tilt or shake the bottle. Made with pure juice of aloe vera Barbadensis Miller organic farming. Stencil Premium gel is a fragrance and deodorant free stencil solution. It is easy to apply and will transfer your tattoo stencil with precision.

Squeeze a very small amount of Stencil Premium into a gloved hand and spread it evenly over the area until it is almost dry. Apply your tattoo stencil and press for 5 seconds. Remove the stencil and let it dry for 8 to 10 minutes. When it has set, you can start tattooing. For best results work from the bottom up.

Key Features:

Fragrance and deodorant free
Skin friendly
Vegan friendly

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90ml Bottle, 220ml Bottle