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Spektra Xion S | FK Irons

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Boasting a powerful 6 Watt MotorBolt specifically designed for FK Irons to meet the demands of micropigmentation, the Spektra Xion S is the original Xion’s little sister designed for permanent makeup. Three adjustable options; stroke (1.8 to 2.5mm), needle depth and give (softness) making it suitable for all styles of PMU. The Xion S is lightweight, ergonomic & easy to cover making it the ideal PMU machine.

Key Features:
  • Comfortable, ergonomic and lightweight design allows for optimal manoeuvrability.
  • Convenient, interchangeable stroke suits different styles of micropigmentation.
  • Secure ratcheting system enables artists to lock in needle depth settings.
  • Seamless, autoclavable, telescopic grip feature is compatible with all cartridge needles.
  • One turn give dial allows for adjustment of needle tension providing artists with more options and flexibility.
  • Powerful 6W MotorBolt system is the first motor specifically designed to meet the demands of micropigmentation.
  • Standard 2.5mm and alternate 1.8mm stroke.

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