XXX Greywash

Silverback Ink® | XXX1 Light 4oz

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120ml /4oz Bottle

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XXX1 is the first shade in the XXX series from Silverback Ink®. It has been specially designed pre-mixed ready to use grey wash inks.The are 5 shades within the range with this XXX1 been the highest – leading through to up to pure black. The set offers consistent colour through out so can be confident that the results will be the same form bottle to bottle. The specially designed formula takes the guesswork out of waiting for the tattoo to heal to view what the final design will look like.

These pre-mixed inks from the new Silverback Ink® XXX grey wash range also give you consistent colour that you can rely on. You won’t need to worry about matching a custom mixed colour in follow up sessions when working on a large piece. They are also extremely blendable, making shading and watercolour effects with minimal outline much easier.  All Silverback Inks® are 100% vegan, giving you the reassurance that their products are very natural. These inks are also specially designed to be easy to wipe off the skin, making clean up and healing a lot easier and less messy.