Silverback Ink® | Insta 2 Grey Wash 4oz

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Insta Shade is the latest edition to the Grey Wash Series from Silverback Ink®. Each number of Insta Shade range is precisely blended to produce a distinct and consistent shade of Grey Wash – Insta 1 being the lightest and Insta 10 being the darkest (one shade lighter than Insta Black).

Silverback Ink® offer a fantastic range of Insta inks in black and greywash. The inks are specifically designed for lining, shading and solid fill and can be sued with standard needles, long taper needles and even bugpins. The inks have a superb flow for excellent saturation making the ink easy to put into the skin. This helps the tattoo to heal smooth and crisp for a flawless and long-lasting finish. Insta inks are laboratory tested and certified making it meet EU Resolution ResAP (2008)1 regulations. As well as the above the inks are completely Vegan friendly making them perfect for anyone to use.