Dark 6 Grey Wash

Silverback Ink® | Dark 666 Greywash 4oz

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120ml /4oz Bottle

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Silverback Ink® 666 greywash is one of three shades available in this stunning range. 66 is the darkest of the 3 shades, As always with all Silverback Ink® – it provides you with a consistent, darker colour after healing, making it a more reliable and certainly a durable option. It is a vegan-friendly option, making it a fantastic choice for any vegetarian or vegan customers and like all of the inks it is sterilized by gamma ray and never frozen.

Dark 6 is stepped up evenly from Silverback Ink XXX4
Dark 66 is a whole step darker than Dark 6
Dark 666 is the DARKEST!!

All of these inks have been specifically designed with consistent colours and the work of professional tattoo artists in mind which make them a particularly popular option for just about anyone working with greywash tattoos or even just looking for greywash colours to incorporate into a colour design.