Dark 6 Grey Wash

Silverback Ink® | Dark 6 Greywash 4oz

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120ml /4oz Bottle

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Silverback Ink® 6 greywash is one of three shades available in this stunning range. 6 is the lightest of the 3 shades, but it still much darker than their previous, dark grey shade XXX4. As always with all Silverback Ink® – it provides you with a consistent, darker colour after healing, making it a more reliable and certainly a durable option. It is a vegan-friendly option, making it a fantastic choice for any vegetarian or vegan customers and like all of the inks it is sterilized by gamma ray and never frozen.

All of these inks have been specifically designed with consistent colours and the work of professional tattoo artists in mind which make them a particularly popular option for just about anyone working with greywash tattoos or even just looking for greywash colours to incorporate into a colour design.