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Sabre Trident Disposable Cartridge | 30mm

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Sabre designed the newly released Trident and Atom Grips specifically for cartridge needles.
Both the Trident and Atom cartridge Grip come from the genius innovators at UK based Sabre.
These new cartridge grips, which we have found to work with the same excellence as our Ultra cartridge grips but with more comfort because of the ergonomic designs and an extra wide diameter.

You also don’t see these two shapes in other grips.
The Trident is triangular and the Atom is round like a ball. In fact, Sabre registered the designs, which means they really are in a class all of their own.

Other features include:

* 1 1/4″ (30mm) Grip.
* Compatible with all makes of Cartridge Needles
* New improved material in the mould for increased comfort and reduction in vibration.
* There’s no need to clean these grips like you do with steel grips. The Sabre Trident and Atom Grips are disposable single use items.
* Did we mention how comfortable the new Sabre grips are?

Each cartridge tube comes individually sterilised. Each box of 15 also comes with 4 various size plungers; 8cm, 8.2cm, 8.9cm, & 9.5cm.

Be one of the firsts to experience the Trident and the Atom. We suggest you try them both to decide whether you prefer the ergonomic designed triangular shape or ball shape best.