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Proline Vaseline / Petroleum Jelly 1KG Tub

£9.99 Excl. VAT

Size: 1KG


Vaseline is widely used for tattooing both during the tattooing process and after to help keep tattoos moisturised. This 1kg pot of Proline Vaseline provides you with an effective and reliable option. Proline offers a protective barrier over the skin that will moisturise whilst protecting against bacteria and possible infection. It will of course also provide a smooth and soothing application that will prevent itchiness that often occurs during healing, and ease any aching or soreness the customer might be experiencing in the freshly tattooed area.

It is easy to apply, and thick, so you don’t need to use much. This Proline Vaseline is long lasting, both in the pot and on the flesh. This large 1KG tub is excellent value for money and will last any tattooist a long time.