Premier Tattoo Cleansing Foam Soap | 8oz

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Premier Tattoo Foam Soap is a cleansing and moisturising foam designed to be used during the tattooing process. It is used to clean the tattoo and help remove excess ink and blood. It comes in an 8oz tube with a foam dispenser nozzle to give a rich long lasting foam to cover the tattoo and lift contaminates as well as lubricate. Perfect for any artists looking to give their client a professional looking tattoo and is particularly impressive to apply after the tattoo has been completed obscuring the tattoo until wiped away with a soft cloth for the perfect tattoo reveal. It has an extremely unique pleasant sherbet lemon scent that will certainly get your clients talking.
Tattoo foam soap is designed to be used as a lubricant during the entire tattooing process,  providing a smooth working surface and easy, non-greasy clean up. This non-drying tattooing soap is rich and long lasting. 


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