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Compakt Tattoo Power Supply by Piranha

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The Piranha Compact power supply is a small, but sturdy power supply specifically designed for tattoo machines. It is very easy to use: there is just one knob to change the voltage or the four memory presets. The magnetic feet let you attach the Compakt to any magnetic surface, giving you extra flexibility in where you place your power supply during tattooing. The non-slip base will ensure it does not slide on a horizontal surface. It can be used with a foot pedal or with the pedal override. The high-quality engineering with microprocessor integration, certificated components, short circuit and overload protection make this a very reliable and durable tattoo power supply.

Key Features:

  • Very small and compact
  • Voltage fine-tuning (0.1 Volt increments)
  • Up to four memory presets
  • Suitable for both coil and rotary machines
  • Output: 3 ampere, 3-18 volt
  • Pedal override
  • Aluminium body
  • Magnets allow securing power supply on steel surfaces
  • CE certified
  • Overload protection


4 presets to optimize your workflow.
Compact packs a 4 preset configuration that allows you to save, edit and use 4 different speeds at the convenience of a single knob.

With or without Footswitch. Continuously.
The Knob allows you to change between continuous mode or footswitch mode and activate your tattoo machine with a single tap.
So that you can tattoo on the go. Anywhere. Anytime. Easily.

Design, Developed and Engineered in Europe.
To assure total control of development, design and production, a COMPACT power supply is and will always be a 100% European product.
At the pedestal of the COMPACT spec sheet, performance is king. A new board architecture allows it to maintain a perfectly stable flux of energy so that you can do what you do best. without compromise.

Re-engineered from the ground up.
Entirely re-engineered PCB board. Completely new interface. Unprecedented compatibility. With a compact, no detail was left to chance. Resulting on an amazing performance, on a sleek and compact aluminium body.
Internal Engineering Shock Protection
Built to last, Compact is equipped with both input and output overvoltage circuit that protects it from any external short circuits by immediately blocking any excess voltage to be transmitted for the internal board. All you need to worry is to keep up with your amazing work.

Go anywhere. Do everything.
Designed with versatility in mind the sleek extruded aluminium body is lightweight, yet extremely durable. The anodised finish provides extra scratch and shock resistance. Low on keys? With COMPAKT all you need is 1 Knob to control it all.

Magnetic convenience.
Low on space? The tight working tray at the tattoo convention? Thanks to his magnetic With COMPACT, you can conveniently place it on the side of your working space thanks to his magnetic feet.