Pinup Tattoo Cartridge Needles

Pinup Cartridges | 0.30 Round Liners LT

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0.30LT (10 Gauge)

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Pinup Tattoo needles are renowned for their quality within the industry and these cartridge needles are no exception! They are high-quality cartridges that have been designed to fit most cartridge style grips including disposables. Over the years cartridge needles have become increasingly popular due to their flexibility, affordability and ease of use. They can quickly be changed between different sizes and types. As the needles are a completely self-contained unit there is no need for any other items, one cartridge does it all, simply twist pull and dispose of and then slide your new chosen size in and carry on tattooing without any messy and time-consuming needle changes.

These Pinup needles come boxed in packs of 20 cartridges and are available in a whole range of sizes and shapes – Liner, Mags, Soft / Curved Mags and Round Shaders, they are also available in various needles gauges – 12 Gauge, 10 Gauge and Super Tight Bugpins.

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