Nocturnal Tattoo Ink

Nocturnal Full Six Bottle Set

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A full set of Nocturnal Tattoo Ink. This set comprises of all six shades in the Nocturnal range. This will give any tattoo studio maximum flexibility when it comes to prodcuing tattoos. The set is avaiable in 1oz, 2oz and 4oz bottles.

Light west coast blend
Medium west coast blend
Dark west coast blend
Lining and shading,
Super black,
Shine white

Nocturnal Ink was formulated by Franco Vescovi and tested over two years by co-owner and legendary tattoo artist Jack Rudy. Their goal was to create an ink that works very similar to Talens and Pelican, which are some very well-known inks used by the tattoo industry for the last 30 years. They wanted the fluidity of those inks but it had to be darker and shade even smoother. Unlike Talens and Pelican, they wanted our ink to be made for tattooing.

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1oz Set, 2oz Set, 4oz Set