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Eternal Light Greywash is a lighter grey. It is soft and subtle enough to be used in larger areas without drawing attention away from the finer points of a lighter design, or light enough to be used to emphasis the finer details of a dark design.

Eternal Greywash ink is available in a selection of sizes to ensure you can get the most economical size for you. To provide you with additional confidence when using ink from us we ensure that none of our ink is ever frozen. This helps you to be sure of the freshness, and all of our ink is sterilized. This is done using gamma radiation which removes any potentially harmful bacteria to allow you to be completely certain of the cleanliness of the ink you order.

Like most eternal inks this is available in a selection of sizes. This allows you to select and order your ink without producing excess cost or waste materials. Eternal Greywash is also produced, much like any other eternal ink, using a selection of the best possible natural materials. This ensures not only that the ink offers a long lasting, bold colour but also that the ink is non-toxic and organic.

It is the organic nature of the ink that is particularly useful, coupled with our sterilization process this helps to reduce the chances of your customers experiencing any irritations or infections as a result of applying the ink.

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