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Intenze Suluape Black | 17oz Bottle

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Suluape 12oz Bottle



Suluape Black tattoo ink comes in a huge 17oz bottle and is intended to give you the maximum richness and detail that you would expect from INTENZE Tattoo Inks.

Quote from Petelo Suluape: “I’ve been tattooing since I was a young man, using traditional inks. Now, so many years later, I can honestly say that Suluape Black is the best black for traditional or general tattooing that I have ever used. It is a sacred thing to attach my family’s name to a tool used in tatau, and it is an honor to have worked with INTENZE to make Suluape Black a reality.”

Tattoo ink has come a long way over time, and now, combining the old world with the new, Suluape Black by INTENZE is by far THE best ink in the industry for both traditional and modern tribal tattoos. Its quality is unsurpassed! Suluape Black by INTENZE gives my work a unique radiance and because it’s INTENZE, I know that my clients are completely safe. ” – Peter Suluape.