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Eternal Tattoo Ink Greywash Set

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This Eternal Greywash set is and ideal contribution to any studio.  It will give you a complete range of greyshades to work with. This set is available in 2 sizes of sizes to ensure your convenience and help you reduce any excess cost and waste material that might otherwise be produced. The set includes greywash light, greywash dark and greywash medium. Of course all of which are high quality, long lasting colours produced with a selection of natural ingredients to ensure the end result is a non-toxic, organic ink.

As with all eternal inks this is produced to a high standard using a selection of the best possible natural ingredients. Not only to ensure that the ink produced is long lasting and strong of colour, but also to ensure that it is an organic and non-toxic ink. It is the organic nature of the ink that is particularly helpful to artists. This reduces the likelihood that a customer’s skin will react to the application of the ink, a risk that is even further reduced by our sterilization process.

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