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Eternal Tattoo Ink Top 25 Colour Set

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1oz Set

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The top 25 colour set provided by eternal includes a selection of high-quality pigment inks that ensure a long-lasting, high quality and attractive colour is retained long after the tattoo has healed, which means that you are able to provide your customers with the best possible results. These inks are all provided in 1oz bottles to ensure the most convenient possible solution for you and the colours provided are a collection of the most popular options in the eternal inks range. All of the inks provided in this set are manufactured using organic materials to provide a quality, non-toxic ink that is then sterilized using advanced gamma radiation to further ensure the best possible experience for you and your customers by reducing the likelihood of a reaction, even on sensitive skin, or infection.

The colours in this selection include; white, triple black, lining black, lipstick red, lightning yellow, dark red, sky blue, true blue, crimson red, hot pink, light purple, orange, light magenta, graffiti green, bright orange, golden yellow, mint green, pink, dark purple, light red, deep red, lime green, bright yellow, caramel and nuclear green.