Eternal Portrait Colour Range

Eternal Portrait Colour Set | 12 Bottles

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1oz Set


This set of 12 different shades allows your portrait and pin-up tattoos to stand out from the crowd. Beat your competitors by creating perfect skin tones every time with these ready to use flesh coloured inks. Also included in the pack are some retro inspired inks, newly created from the experts at Eternal Inks to help your artwork be the best it can be. Set includes 12 newly created colours: Almond Almond Sable Rich Espresso Enchanted Lilac Wine Berry Sea Shell Rose Satin Papaya Light Peach Nude Blush Spice Rust

Dedicated to using organic, natural pigments in their inks, you can be assured that you will always receive a high quality that you can rely on and your customers will always be able to trust. These freshly blended colours will allow you to perfect the art of both portrait and pin up tattoos with a retro finish as these colours are specially selected for their delicate tones.

Designed especially complex portrait and pin-up work in mind, Eternal Ink have developed a range of delicate flesh and skin tones with this type of tattooing at the forefront. Specially selected pigments have been carefully blended to give tattoo artists the ideal range of tones to create stunning portraits. With the rising trend for photo-realistic tattoos, it is becoming increasingly competitive. Get the professional edge in the industry by choosing to use one of the most popular ink producers in the world, Eternal Inks.

Liz Cooks fantastic 12 portrait colours are great for creating portraits with a twist. With a range of solid pigments and neutral tones to choose from you can bring any tattoo to life. Some colours you can expect to see include Sage, Jade and Granny Smith Green. The Liz Cook collection are always high on demand and it is easy to see why, the complete sets offer 12 different shades of colourful ink in total and can be bough in sets or separately.

Eternal Ink Liz Cook Colours range designed by Liz Cook features 12 inks containing neutral tones, vibrant violets, as well as some eye-catching greens. The 12 ink colour set includes: Imperial Violet, Red-Violet, Fuchsia, Antique Fuchsia, Mulberry, Electric Raspberry, Pepto Pink, Forest, Shamrock, Granny Smith Green, Sage and Jade.