Enigma 22L – B Type Vaccum

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All units are supplied with a printer as standard enabling full sterilisation documentation to be retained for future reference. Each cycle on the Enigma steriliser incorporates a drying phase. Wet or damp instruments cannot be considered sterile as bacteria uses this as a medium to penetrate onto the load. Each Enigma steriliser operates on a clean water only system totally separating the used and unused water. This method dramatically reduces the risk of cross-infection of the sterile load by endotoxins that may be present in the used water. The Enigma range is compliant to 93/42 CEE.


  • Printer as standard
  • Clean water operation
  • 3 Trays (380mm x 190mm each)
  • 4 cycle options
  • Fast cycle times
  • Automatic drying phase
  • Bowie-Dick test cycle
  • Air Leakage test cycle
  • External dimensions: 590 x 460 x 450mm (d w h)
  • Chamber diameter: 245mm


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