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A Bottle of Dynamic Heavy White from Technical of America.

Dynamic Heavy White is a pre-dispersed white ink that will create a bright, solid shade of white. Heavy White contains a large amount of pigments, so it will result in a pure white that will not fade over time. Despite the high pigment level, Heavy White is easily workable. The Dynamic White Tattoo ink is part of the Dynamic inks range from Technical Tattoo Supplies, a range that has been developed specifically to provide inks that are intense and vibrant on the skin, certainly something that has been accomplished.

This is a popular ink selection all around the world, particularly for work with black and grey tattoo designs, and the ink is available in two sizes’ either 1oz bottles or 8oz bottles, to ensure that you have everything you need to produce beautiful tattoo art no matter what your particular requirements might be. Unlike most other white inks this heals bright and clear and retains the colour on the skin much longer than many of the alternatives.

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1oz Bottle, 8oz Bottle