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Critical Wired Foot Switch (8ft Wire)

£59.99 Excl. VAT


The Critical Wired Foot Switch is a hardwired footswitch that features a large surface area for easy pressing with a non-skid rubber bottom which allows for a sturdy setup. This footswitch is built with an improved reinforced shielding that prevents debris from getting inside the pedal.


  • Improved shielding to limit debris getting inside the switch
  • Better response with one central switch vs multiple contact springs
  • Non-skid rubber bottom
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • Made in the USA


Product Specifications:

Diameter: 12,7 cm (5”)
Height: 2,54 cm (1”)
Weight: 0,23 kg (8.2 oz)
Cord Length: 8ft
Colour: Black