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Critical CX1 G2 Tattoo Power Supply

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This is not your standard power supply unit, this is an all-new, second generation, a powerful and effective option that provides no limitations on the benefits that it provides. The CX-1 is supplied by Critical Tattoo, and as such benefits from their years of experience in the tattoo industry, particularly when it comes to power supplies and machine operation, as such it is no surprise that this is quite such as well featured option. The power supply provides you with a brand new maintained pedal mode, as well as the ability to run the machine without the use of a pedal. The power supply unit is not as bulky as the previous generation model. It features a fully digital microprocessor control, for increased adaptability, and offers you a bigger and brighter display, for easier use and reading. This even offers compatibility for wireless pedal technology, so you won’t even have to worry about the presence of cables while you work, though of course, it does also accept clip cord and standard foot pedal connections. This is a highly adaptable option, allowing you to run at higher amps on any coil or rotary machine, giving you 1-volt adjustment resolution, and allowing you precision regulated set point voltage to be adjusted anywhere from 0-18vdc.

  • Jumpstart Enabled for hard starting rotaries
  • 6 amp peak inrush current, 3 amp true RMS continuous current
  • Pedal override button (no need for a foot pedal if you run continuous mode)
  • Precision regulated set point voltage 0-18vdc
  • Built-in short circuit protection
  • .1 volt adjustment resolution
  • Voltage presets 2
  • Momentary or Maintained footswitch modes. (Easy one button toggle)
  • Non-volatile memory (holds presets even when power is removed)
  • Universal input 110-240vac 50/60hz
  • Accepts standard 1/4″ clip cord and foot pedal connections
  • Easily bagged with typical machine or bottle baggies
  • Additional mounting options available in store
  • 2-year full mfg warranty
  • Included: 1 G2 Magnet mount, 1 10/32 wing nut screw, 1 power cord and adapter
  • Made in the USA