Clipcords & RCA Leads


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The Hawk Start Up Facility from Cheyenne is used to start your Cheyenne machine at its correct voltage. It is especially useful if you are using a standard power supply that does not have a start up facility built-in. If you are using a different power supply then you will need this as some tattoo machines have a very powerful motor and without this cable, they will need to run at a much higher voltage. Using this cable you can start the motor then reduce the voltage to 3-5V without any problems. Using this cable means that you eliminate the need to start the machine, particularly the Thunder on 10-11V then turn it down. This cable will need to be used with most Cheyenne machines including the Thunder and Hawk models as they are better compatible with the PU I and PU II systems.

This cable eliminates the need to start the thunder on approx.. 10-11 volts and then turn it down, it simply allows the user to start the HAWK thunder at their desired voltage.