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Adjustable Storm V2 Rotary Black

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The second generation to the popular Storm a100 Tattoo Machine. The new Storm V2 includes a built-in needle tensioner and improved vice for superior precision. Extremely lightweight at only 4 oz and has an all-new sleeker precision body. This is the adjustable “give” version of our world famous Storm Rotary Machine line to allow for coil-like feel and hit! Comes with an all-in-one 4mm stroke length with a 10% smaller body frame size compared to the original Storm a100 Rotary Machine.

A must-have as a daily versatile workhorse which enables you to line or shade with ease. With infinite adjustability, you can adjust the machine to hit from hard to soft, within any range of your preference!

* Unique patented design, improved for better overall performance over the first generation storm
* Includes a built-in needle tensioner and improved vice for superior precision
* Infinite “give” adjustability for soft to hard hitting with the simple turn of the adjustment knob
* Lightweight & balanced at only 4 oz
* Precision and modern sleek aluminium frame
* Combo RCA and traditional clip cord contact points
* Premium Japanese motor for consistency that will last for extended use
* One all-in-one 4mm stroke bearing perfectly for lining or shading

Note: What is the difference between the Original Adjustable Storm and the Adjustable Storm V2 model?

1. Original Storm V2 Rotary consists of a direct armature bar hit and has a very hard direct hit. The Adjustable Storm V2 Rotary has an adjustable “give” or dampening system to create more of a spring/coil like hit similar to coil machines. Both have their uses.

2. Original Storm V2 comes with all three bearings (short, medium, long) which allow you to have a full range of different needle depth hits. The Adjustable Storm V2 Rotary comes with one 4mm medium stroke pre-installed. The short and long stroke is not necessary for the Adjustable Storm.

3. The Original Storm V2 can do it all but is best at colour packing, blending, and large lining. The Adjustable Storm V2 can do it all as well but especially excellent for soft greywash shading and smaller lining.

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