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Tattoo Supplies Needed For Setting Up Shop

Knowing what tattoo supplies, parts and general bits and bobs you need for setting up shop can be quite the difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Although the industry is constantly changing and adapting, the primary … Read More

Cosmetic Tattoos: Worth the pain?

Cosmetic tattoos have stormed the tattoo industry over the last couple of years. This new cosmetic procedure is targeting people of all ages from all walks of life. So why is it so popular? It’s really down to personal preference … Read More

Tattoo Culture – The 2018 edition

Tattoo culture is something that always has and always will change. With so many external and modern influences around the industry,  the meanings, ideas and cultures behind tattoos are changing more rapidly than ever. We have seen waves of trends … Read More

Custom Vs Flash: Tattoo Style Competition.

A tattoo style is a fashion statement. They come and go, change and adapt, evolve and expand. Some clients choose styles with a meaningful backstory that is unique to them others choose a piece of body art purely because it … Read More

Tattoo Fading and Green Ink: What’s its game?

Tattoo fading isn’t uncommon. As we age so do our tattoos, it’s inevitable. Some clients choose to live with this problem, they understand that it is part of the process, but as an artist, there are ways of preventing and … Read More

Tattoo Techniques: an ancient approach

Tattoo techniques have done nothing but evolve and adapt throughout the history of body art. The methods in which tattoos are now crafted have come a long way in terms of technique and skill. From apparatus to advances, tattoo techniques … Read More

Skin Science: What Does Tattoo Delivery Involve?

Keeping on top of what’s important in the tattoo delivery process is vital to both artist and client. Every now and then, it’s important to put down the needle and pick up on proper practices and safety. Tattoo delivery is … Read More

Tattoo Style: The Report

As an artist or a client, knowing what tattoo styles are creating a popular punch amongst the public can be a tricky task to take on. Tattoo styles are constantly going through a state of change and development leaving a … Read More

Tattoo Addiction; the facts.

Tattoo addiction is a highly discussed topic in the field of tattooing, to be tattooed or not to be, that is the question. It’s often debated amongst artists and psychologists whether tattoo addiction is a real thing. The answer is … Read More