As an artist or a client, knowing what tattoo styles are creating a popular punch amongst the public can be a tricky task to take on. Tattoo styles are constantly going through a state of change and development leaving a lot of room for new advances in the tattoo industry. There is a whole A-Z of tattoo styles to suit every client and their individual tastes. As an artist, helping a client choose a suitable and interesting tattoo style is key to a successful outcome, but with that many tattoo styles to choose from it can be hard to narrow the choice down. With so many new tattoo trends, it might be time to say bye to the traditional tribal, Celtic and Japanese style and say hello to something new. Let’s delve into the top 5 trending tattoo styles to make choosing a style simpler and spark new ideas.

#1 Watercolour

One tattoo style that seems to have risen in popularity recently is watercolour tattoos. A whimsical design produced using purely colour and little or no black ink in a paint-like style. Watercolour tattoos are delicate and vibrant,  yet they notorious to a series of problems and complications if the artist isn’t as competent at watercolour tattoos as they may claim. With a current high demand amongst clients that are looking for an individual tattoo aesthetic, artists have a great opportunity to be creative and poetic when it comes to watercolour tattoos. However, their lifespan is questionable.

The nature of this tattoo style uses only colour and little or no black ink, which means it’s susceptibility to fading is more common than most other tattoo styles. Coloured pigments are first to fade in any tattoo which makes the purpose a watercolour tattoo slightly pointless to some artists. Nevertheless, watercolour tattoos have been found to last and keep their vibrancy several years after the tattoo was done, selecting an experienced and qualified artist in the first step to securing a successful ink. Implementing strict maintenance of the tattoo after completion is also a piece of art priority. Avoiding direct sunlight, constantly moisturising the area and the restricting of rubbing are all ways of making watercolour tattoos last longer, the correct aftercare is always the number one way to make a tattoo last. Besides, there is nothing stopping a client from coming back for a touch up, it provides more experience for the artist as well as a new and improved tattoo for the client, it’s a win win.

#2 Fineline

The next most popular sin on skin tattoo style is fineline. This newcomer has risen to popularity amongst the tattoo industry and with its delicate and simple nature, you can understand why. Fineline tattoos are painless, perfect to place, and a piece of cake to produce, so it’s easy to understand how they’ve become so popular. This tattoo style features small and intricate designs that are purely formed from thin lines; that means no shading, no detail and no colour. Fineline tattoos are perfect for clients that don’t want to commit to a large piece. This polished tattoo style is also perfect for clients that don’t do pain, their thin and simple nature means they are done quickly and painlessly. Although delicate and pretty, this tattoo style has its downsides. Due to their incredibly thin nature, fineline tattoos are prone to bleeding and spreading over time, but this really depends on how you look after it, where the tattoo is placed and how experienced the artist is.

#3 Dotwork

Dotwork is next on demand. Fans of mandala, geometric patterns or 3D work will find that dotwork is the on for them. This tattoo style is achieved by the artist placing hundreds of dots in clusters and shapes that in turn create a striking visual effect once completed. Its rise in popularity is down to its intricate and complex design; an array of beautiful tiny dots that make up one large tattoo with plenty of personality. Such complicated structures do however take their time, composing all the tiny dots means that clients will end up spending a fair amount of time under the needle, and the artist will need some serious skill and stamina. However the results are usually more than worth the time and trouble.

#4 White Ink

Next in vogue, white ink. Although this tattoo style doesn’t appeal to most artists or clients for that matter, there is a niche audience in the market for something different, and white ink offers just that. This tattoo style takes on white ink as the only basis for the tattoo, leaving a light lace like effect on the client’s skin. This subtle and scar-like tattoo style is delicate and dainty but, much like watercolour tattoos, white ink is heavily prone to rapid fading and discolouration, it’s light colour and pigment properties won’t last forever. This tattoo style really can’t stand the test of time, so it maybe be best to opt for a darker colour if you’re looking for something that will last.

#5 UV

Breathing new life into body art can be difficult, but UV tattoos seem to be taking the body art market by storm. Individual, unique and popular amongst the rave scene, this tattoo style is wicked work of art. This tattoo style is made using dyes that fluoresce visibly under an ultraviolet light. Depending on the ink chosen, a UV tattoo can also be visible under normal light as well as UV.  Although this tattoo style is niche and off the wall, it does come with its health risks.

The full reactivity of chemicals in UV inks has never been fully tested, so their safety isn’t assured. UV inks can leave clients more susceptible to allergic reactions ranging from itching to dermatitis, so it’s important for artists to provide clients with the risks of UV tattoos before getting one. The ink ingredients aren’t the only problem that this tattoo style comes with. The application and blending of UV ink is incredibly difficult due to the thin consistency of the ink,  meaning that the application process is much longer than other tattoo styles. UV may be the coolest, but it’s certainly not the safest, clients should be fully informed about all risks before getting their glow on.

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