Tattoo culture is something that always has and always will change. With so many external and modern influences around the industry,  the meanings, ideas and cultures behind tattoos are changing more rapidly than ever.

We have seen waves of trends and movements in the tattoo industry,  from tattoo trends to franchise TV series, to a feminism tattoo uproar, tattoo culture is making a stand now more than ever. Let’s look at what factors are changing the way view the industry and its culture.

Out with the Old and in with the New

Tattoo culture is heavily based on the tattoos themselves. Tattoos now come in all shapes, sizes and styles which change and adapt to feed clients’ ever-changing tattoo needs. The days of old tattoo methods are in the distance. From scarification to stick and poke, neo-traditional to new school, tattoo culture is evolving to be safer and crazier than ever.

So why are artists changing tattoo culture? Meeting client demands, keeping up with trends and potential competition is why we see the industry change so much in terms of method and style. And it’s not just artists that are striving to change but clients too. Tattoo culture has become somewhat of a challenge for artists. Clients that have ideas and plans for body art that is really out there has led to changes in the way tattoos are done. In the tattoo world, it’s becoming a case of ‘improvise, adapt, overcome.’

In the Media

With the uprise of the media industry, escaping tattoo culture is no longer an option. Whether it’s a series of Tattoo Fixers on E4 or a Buzzfeed article listing the best 19 tattoo artists to follow on Instagram, clients and artists are constantly surrounded by the modernness and popularity of tattoo culture. The mass amounts of tattoo culture can be annoying to the wrong audience but pinpointing the right audience to see and share content could benefit artists in just the right ways.

The tattoo market is a competitive one, but it does leave a lot of room for healthy competition. As an artist, making your work known and acknowledged through some form of media could be really beneficial. Some artists that appeared on certain tattoo culture TV shows or have successfully strong social media accounts are now breaking the celebrity barriers, making them and their work more popular. Tattoo culture has had to change to be able to keep up with the demands of the modern world.

A Touch of Feminism

Let’s step back several years. Women and tattoos? A cultural no-no. Today; embraced and empowered. Our ideas about equality, feminism and what constitutes as the norm around tattoo culture have changed a lot.

Why is there such a stigma attached to female tattoos? During the 20th Century, female tattoo culture became a lot more associated with prostitution and promiscuity, but the idea that a woman’s tattoos reflect her sex-life is really not 2018. Tattoos are more accepted in society than they were before, especially for males, but some women are making it their role to break the tattoo culture barriers. Feminism inspired tattoos are common amongst tattoo culture with the likes of Lena Dunham, Rihanna and Joan Jett sporting tattoos that illustrate their fight for gender equality. Whether it’s a small piece for personal enjoyment or a large political stand, women are reclaiming the right to do what they want with their bodies without being judged through the medium of tattoos.

 Tattoo culture has a lot of influencing factors that can affect an artist’s work and the needs and wants of clients. Knowing how tattoo culture is changing and how you can get involved as an artist can really help with creativity and change. It’s only a matter of time before today’s tattoo culture is yesterday’s news.  

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