In an industry that has had a long and sometimes turbulent history, tattoo supplies have come a long way over the years. In fact, there’s more than meets the eye for a lot of tattoo supplies with brands constantly updating and improving the formulas that they once thought they had perfected. Many of the alterations and updates to tattoo supplies are a result of changing technologies and manufacturing processes, but what about when consumers start to have a say about the products that they’re using?

During the course of the last few years, consumers have become more and more aware of the ingredients that they are putting into their bodies and exactly where they come from. This awareness isn’t just about knowledge, consumers are actively altering the products that they purchase in a whole range of scenarios. Organic and vegan products have slowly but surely taken the limelight and pushed products that have long lists of unpronounceable names to take a back seat. This shift in consumer preference and demand has been pretty hard to miss, brands across industries have quickly twigged on and begun to switch up how they’re producing their goods, and those in the tattoo supplies market are no exception.  

Today, there are more organic and vegan tattoo supplies available than ever before. In another post, we explored the use of organic and vegan tattoo inks, but there are plenty more products that have altered their ingredients lists to look at, too. Let’s take a look at some of these other tattoo supplies and how their formulas have been refreshed to take on demand to tick all of the boxes when it comes to being organic and vegan whilst still boasting some impressive benefits.


Maintaining Quality  

It’s easy to understand why some artists and studios might have their doubts about the effectiveness of organic and vegan tattoo supplies, ingredients categorised as ‘plant-based’ or ‘natural’ don’t exactly sound all that powerful, but this is a misconception that’s also easy to fix. The ingredients used in organic and vegan tattoo supplies – we’ll get to that part soon – are some of the most effective out there. Aside from tattoo inks, non-toxic and vegan-friendly tattoo supplies such as hygiene, aftercare and stencil supplies are quickly becoming the go-to products of choice for studios thanks to their super pleasing performance. Take stencils for example, one of the strongest stencil application agents is actually an organic and vegan formula and its ability to stop smudges and faded stencils in their tracks is largely down to its natural ingredients. This isn’t the only example of tattoo supplies that have been improved by their organic and vegan ingredients either, some aftercare products even work into the skin more effectively and do a better job of healing and protecting a brand new tattoo than more traditional equivalents.  

It’s worth remembering here that vegan and organic formulas aren’t just being produced to keep up with a new trend, brands are taking this seriously and basing their product developments around using non-toxic and vegan ingredients. It’s this approach that has kept quality high and allowed brands of tattoo supplies to create some of their best products yet for artists to make the most of in their own work to up their game for their clients.  


Skincare-Savvy Ingredients  

So, we’ve looked at how organic and vegan tattoo supplies can perform beyond previous expectations, but how do they fair when thinking about taking care of clients? Every client will be happy knowing that their artist is using quality tattoo supplies that enable them to create their finest pieces of work for them to enjoy, but it might be a comfort to find out just how safe for the skin organic and vegan tattoo supplies can be.  

This part is simple, by using natural ingredients, organic and vegan tattoo supplies are far less harsh on the skin than others. Putting nasty chemicals on the skin isn’t something that many are in still in favour of which is exactly why organic tattoo supplies cut out the main culprits such as parabens. For example, hygiene tattoo supplies might be vegetable oil based, whereas aftercare products might use plant-based oils, waxes and other ingredients from plants such as shea, cocoa, jojoba and rose.

The ingredients that brands have had to watch out for when producing tattoo supplies that are vegan as well as organic could easily be missed by consumers less in the know. Along with cutting out the usual suspects such as gelatin, vegan tattoo supplies avoid using some natural ingredients that are used to steer clear of running the risk of being harsh on the skin but aren’t vegan-friendly. To be both organic and vegan and really meet demand, brands have found alternatives for ingredients such as lanolin and beeswax that would see any vegan turn away.   

The movement towards organic and vegan tattoo supplies is certainly one to get on board with. The unexpected quality of these products and their ability to better protect the skin when used is taking over from those previously stocked on studio shelves, and they’re only set to continue improving as the market for natural supplies grows. We stock a large range of organic and vegan tattoo supplies at our Mansfield store for you to explore the benefits of these products for both your work and your clients. Visit us in store or place your order online: