A tattoo style is a fashion statement. They come and go, change and adapt, evolve and expand. Some clients choose styles with a meaningful backstory that is unique to them others choose a piece of body art purely because it looks cool. At the end of the day a clients tattoo preference is their choice, as long as they are well informed by their artist on the pros and cons there should be no body art regrets.

The primary ways in which we choose our tattoo style come in two very different forms. Custom design Vs artist flashes. Let’s explore how a client and artist can come to an agreement on which tattoo style is best suited to the situation.

What’s the difference?

The tattoo style found in custom and flash designs really aren’t that different. The same tattoo style but different interpretations and ideas behind them. A custom tattoo style is designed for a client and is unique and individual to their taste and design ideas. Usually, an appointment is made with a client and their artist before they go under the needle to discuss their tattoo vision and concept. After a detailed discussion and body art brainstorm several variations and designs will be produced for a client by their artist. A second consultation will take place on the day of the scheduled tattoo. From the designs the artist has produced, a client can select the tattoo style that they want and commence the body branding. A flash tattoo style is highly different in terms of concept and approach. Flash tattoos are commonly seen on tattoo shop walls, books and social media. Although thought through and designed by individual artists, they have no real story or concept which makes this tattoo style more mainstream and better for those clients who prefer something impromptu and cheap.


Each tattoo design path has its pros and cons and it’s important as an artist to inform clients on these matters to make sure they make the correct decision because as you know, tattoos are for life. Let’s look at flash first. Although they aren’t as meaningful or conceptual to some clients a pre-made tattoo style may be just what they are looking for.

Flash tattoos can be picked, paid for and placed in the space of several hours, making them extremely convenient for clients with a busy schedule, and also pretty helpful for artists who have had last minute cancellations. Flash tattoos are also pretty perfect for clients who have no real desire for a specific tattoo style and like to go out on a whim when it comes to body art. Flash tattoos are also perfect for first-time tattooers as they are usually small and don’t have a lot of shading or detail meaning less pain and size commitment for the client as well as pretty easy and simple aftercare.

As for custom design tattoos, there is a world of difference in why they make for better tattoos. The clearest one being that a client can bring their ideas to life, they can create a tattoo style of their very own. The larger a client’s piece, the more creative and artistic the artist can get which usually makes for more interesting and individual pieces of art. Custom designs mean that clients are much less likely to regret their tattoo as it’s something meaningful and unique to them that will have had a lot of thought and consideration. It really depends on what a client is looking for to be able to make a choice on flash or custom, some clients may even combine both. Taking ideas from pre-existing tattoos and making them their own, or even just a case of having several tattoos, some of which are flash some of which are custom.



Just like every tattoo style, design, idea, shop or artist, there are cons as well as pros when it comes to flash and custom tattoo styles. Custom tattoos are only really needed when a client has a very specific idea in mind otherwise flash tattoos can work great as a replacement. So much time and effort goes into making a custom tattoo so it’s important that a client makes the right choices and is certain about getting one before an artist starts work on the design process, or it could start getting aggravating for both parties. Another aspect clients need to consider is the size and price. Custom design tattoos do cost more than your flash design due to the amount of time an artist spend creating the stencil. Clients also need to be aware of the size to cost ratio. Quite simply, a larger more complex custom tattoo is going to cost them.

signs have their cons too. This tattoo style can leave a lot of clients with regret. Something that is so easy and quick to get leaves little room for contemplation on whether a client will actually still like this tattoo several years down the line. This tattoo style usually takes on the form of thin lines, small dots, no colour and generally small in size, which in turn leaves a lot of room for fading to occur. Although cheap and quick they don’t always stand the test of time making them look just as cheap as they cost. The knock on effect? A bad flash tattoo that was once cheap could end up costing a client more in the long run in either cover-ups or laser removal. Making sure a client is provided will all the relevant pros and cons of both custom and flash tattoos before they commit is very important in ensuring both the artist and client are happy with the outcome.

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