Cosmetic tattoos have stormed the tattoo industry over the last couple of years. This new cosmetic procedure is targeting people of all ages from all walks of life. So why is it so popular? It’s really down to personal preference and circumstance. For some, it’s just a visual improvement, for others, it is for health-related reasons. Let’s take a look at what cosmetic tattoos entail and the reasons why people get them.


Cosmetic tattoos have a slightly different technique to that of a normal tattoo. Regular tattoos are meant to be bold and stand out which isn’t really the desired effect of permanent makeup. In order to create light, natural looking cosmetic tattoo results, the standard tattoo process was changed to adapt to this new fad.

Microblading is the most common technique and is most popularly used by artists to create eyebrow tattoos. The technique consists of hair-like incision strokes that are mixed with the correct matching pigment to create a sketched or enhanced eyebrow effect. A similar approach is taken to other areas of cosmetic tattoos, however, it really depends on what the client is getting and the effect they want it to have.

Results & Aftercare

There can be a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to cosmetic tattoos. Some clients walk away ecstatic, others not so much. Cosmetic tattoos should only be attempted by trained professionals with sufficient experience and knowledge to avoid the wrath of upset clients. This type of tattoo is very personal and has a large margin for error, so it’s best to get it right first time and make sure clients look after it, otherwise trying to reverse or correct a cosmetic tattoo can be tricky business.

The aftercare for cosmetic tattoos is quite similar to that of a normal tattoo. No exposure to sun, chlorine or chemicals, don’t pick at the area and don’t use any soaps or cleansers. Usually, as an artist, a through aftercare treatment is gone through with the client to avoid any infections, bleeding or discolouration. The last thing any client wants is funny-coloured or infected eyebrows. However, no matter how well a client looks after their cosmetic tattoos, they will fade with over the years, meaning cosmetic tattoos will need topping up, which will cost time and money.


There are several reasons why people opt for cosmetic tattoos. Some choose the procedure as it is simply a time saver. For those who wear eyeliner and do their eyebrows every day, cosmetic tattoos could save a client a lot of time and money. However, the top two reasons for cosmetic tattoos are more personal. Some choose cosmetic tattoos to improve or change their appearance and some choose cosmetic tattoos because of health reasons. Cosmetic tattoos cover most aspects of beauty. From eyeliner, lips to eyebrows most makeup can now be made permanent.

Cosmetic tattoos are a great solution for a client with health-related or body image issues. Some treatments and illnesses like cancer and alopecia can leave clients with little or no hairs, which is where cosmetic tattoos can come to the rescue. As an artist, you can be a client’s body image saviour by giving them back what they were missing.

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