Securing a client the perfect tattoo appointment is only the first step in quite a long and painful journey. Aside from the tattoo appointment and aftercare, one stage that is almost always overlooked is the tattoo appointment preparation stages. From what to eat to what to wear, making sure that a client is clued up on how to look after themselves as well as their future tattoo is very important.

Taking the time to tell a client the ins and outs of both preparation aftercare is vital in securing a healthy and happy customer. Let’s take a look at the top five tattoo appointment preparation tips you can give your clients.

#1 Drink and Drugs

A tattoo artist’s top priority is client safety. If they have a tattoo appointment they need to be informed that any drink or drugs they take beforehand could seriously impact the session. As you may or may not know, drink and drugs effects the human body in more ways than one, the top one being the thinning of the blood. If a client has hit the bottle a little too hard the night before their tattoo appointment, this will leave them with thin blood that in turn is hard for an artist to work with. As an artist trying to produce a piece of art on a client’s skin, it’s rather difficult work when it is obscured by too much bleeding. There is also the factor of thin blood making ink difficult to work with. When thin blood is mixed with tattoo ink the blood washes the ink out and causes the once vibrant colour to appear faded or worn.

Basically, tell a client that drink and drugs before a tattoo appointment is just not a good idea.

#2 Sleep and Serenity

Although not the most important and crucial aspect to take into account before a tattoo appointment, sleep can really help a client’s session. A sufficient amount of sleep and rest makes a tattoo session much easier for both client and artist. Having lots of energy and endorphins rely on a good night’s sleep, although not proven it can be said that a good night’s sleep can help make the pain of a tattoo more bearable.

#3 Loose and Liberating

One thing that can really help both client and artist is the clothing involved during the tattoo appointment. Loose and free moving clothing make the whole session much more comfortable and easier for both parties. Informing a client to wear loose clothing to their tattoo appointment will stop anything rubbing on their new tattoo. Making the tattoo process as comfortable as possible is an artist’s number one priority. Informing clients to also wear old clothing to their tattoo appointment should also be considered, wearing clothes they don’t mind getting ink stains on will help them avoid ruining their best clothes.

#4 Hunger and Hydration

Making sure that a client eats well and stays hydrated both before and during the tattoo appointment is very important. Eating and drinking properly makes a tattoo much easier to sit through as your pained by the needle and not hunger or thirst. Advising clients who are coming in for longer tattoos to bring snacks and water with them can also help them throughout their tattoo appointment.

#5 Sickness and Safety

One of the most overlooked tattoo appointment preparation stages is a client’s health itself.  Getting a tattoo can be physically draining for most clients. If they’re sick, it might be harder to for them to handle the actual tattoo session. Making sure that clients know to look after themselves and understand that their health is top priority is very important. Another factor that is often overlooked is that a tattoo is a big open wound on the client’s body. That means their immune system needs to put in a lot of work to heal it. If they are already sick, their immune system will already be working hard to repair the tattoo site. Combine this with illness, the client’s immune system will be working even harder to heal both their tattoo and their illness.

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