There is a long list of tattoo supplies that an artist will have to hand and rely on each and every session, but there’s one piece of equipment that they will form a particular bond with; their tattoo machine. Over time, and as they learn to master their craft, a tattoo artist will get to know which supplies suit them. From the needles that they plug into their tattoo machine to the aftercare that they offer their clients before leaving the studio with their new personal artwork, many tattoo supplies have a pretty short lifespan and are designed to be chucked out after being used to keep studios a safe environment. The main part of an artist’s toolkit that will stay by their side – or rather, in their hand – in the long run is their tattoo machine. Compared to their disposable and easily replaceable companions, tattoo machines are a serious investment for a tattoo artist to get right. Just like artists in other disciplines will have a pen, pencil or even brush to act as an extension of their arm and outlet for their creativity, a tattoo artist has their machine.

One of the most commonly popular types of tattoo machine is the rotary machine. There are masses of machines under this umbrella for an artist to make their choice from, and it’s not a decision to be rushed. Much of a tattoo artist’s decision will be based on their personal experience and the machines that they learnt to hone their skills on so far in their career. Of course, there are other types of tattoo machine – such as coil machines – but there are more than a few ways that rotary machines stand out. Let’s take a look at just a handful of key reasons why this type of tattoo machine is so popular amongst artists and how they allow artists to achieve the results that they’re aiming for.


There is one important benefit of using a rotary tattoo machine that stands out above the rest; its versatility. Where other types of tattoo machine would need to be swapped over before tackling a different type of work, rotary machines handle what’s thrown at them with ease. In the smallest of actions, an artist can seamlessly switch over from lining to shading work and vice versa. Some models of rotary tattoo machine even give artists the option to index their settings so that they can change over even more accurately and quickly. So, why is this super helpful? By being able to efficiently alter their tattoo machine to suit the work that they’re doing, an artist is much more able to keep their flow and continue their work without any unwanted or lengthy disruptions. With an ease of use that makes way for clear concentration, rotary machines allow an artist to really produce their best work.

Ultra Lightweight

This next benefit of rotary machines is simple, this type of tattoo machine doesn’t weigh very much. Some tattoo machines are pretty cumbersome to use, a factor that an artist can only really gauge when holding a machine for themselves. Whilst the actual feel of a machine is down to an artist’s own judgement, the lightweight nature of most types of rotary tattoo machine is worth shouting about. It goes without saying that the weight of a tattoo machine is incredibly important for its usability. The lighter the machine, the more able an artist is to sit for longer sessions without the worry of hand cramps or discomfort, which is exactly why rotary machines are often favoured over others.

Powerful Motor

Although a tattoo artist might not know all of the inner workings of their tattoo machine, the parts that power their machine can have a big impact on their usability, too. Where some machines are notoriously noisy and create the familiar buzzing that is so often associated with tattoo studios, rotary machines are far quieter. This bracket of tattoo machine also has noticeably lower vibrations when in use. Just like the upside of rotary machines being so light, their quietness and smoothness also lets an artist be more comfortable when working away to produce striking pieces for their clients. It’s worth noting that these types of tattoo machine can also make for a calmer and comfier experience for the client in the chair too, this will be a particular bonus if they’re new to the studio as it will help them to feel more at ease about what can be a daunting experience.

Meeting Safety Standards

Taking care of clients and ensuring that a studio and its supplies are as safe as possible is a big part of being a tattoo artist. The state of an artist’s tattoo machine is just as important a consideration as the condition of the other members of their toolkit, so much so that some rotary machine manufacturers have taken steps to ensure that their machines perform strongly on the safety front. For example, some models of rotary tattoo machine boast an antimicrobial coating that has been added during the manufacturing process; these coatings are packed with clever technology that banishes bacteria from the machine for the length of its life. Other models will be made from aluminium and have a nickel plating to resist any rusting and give the artist a machine that they can enjoy using for years to come.

The many benefits of opting for a rotary tattoo machine all have one thing in common, the ease of use that they achieve for artists to be free to create their best pieces that will impress their clients. We stock a large range of rotary machines at our Nottingham store for you to select from when choosing this important part of your tattoo supplies toolkit. Visit us or place your order online: