Deciding to get a new piece of artwork adorned onto the skin is something that, for many, will involve a whole lot of deliberation, and although putting a potential client’s mind at ease can be tricky, using quality tattoo supplies is a good place to start. Quality tattoo supplies can be used to remedy more than a few common concerns for first-time tattoo clients and those exploring their options.

Taking the plunge to get a new tattoo can involve heaps of research and a healthy amount of back and forth between the artist and the client to get the ball rolling. Along the way, a client will more than likely find that a few questions and concerns pop up and start to put doubts on the foundations of their decision to step into the studio. For many artists and experienced customers, the feeling of sitting in the chair for the first time might seem like a long time ago, but that doesn’t mean that they will have forgotten it entirely. Relating to the worries of a newbie is helpful for getting them back on track to feeling confident, but it is experience and competence that will really support them. An artist’s experience is translated in the tools that they have put together to create their art with. From using reliable tattoo machines to high-grade cleaning supplies, using quality tattoo supplies is a clear sign to customers that they are in good hands. Let’s take a look at three common concerns and how quality tattoo supplies can help to resolve them.

Common Concern #1: Getting A Tattoo Can Be Unsafe

As an art form that has stood the test of time, tattooing has an inspiring and long history though with the ups come downs. It’s no secret that the methods and processes of embedding ink into the skin have been questioned from time to time with concerns over safety often rising to the surface. Tattooing has come a long way though, and it’s safer today than it ever has been. So how can an artist assure worried potential clients that their safety is a priority? This is where using quality tattoo supplies comes in.

Quality tattoo supplies are plenty useful when it comes to health and safety. It goes without saying that keeping a clean studio is imperative and high-grade cleaning equipment should be an essential part of any studio’s tattoo supplies. From cleaning the studio itself to making sure that any and all tattooing equipment is spotless and sanitised, there are a huge amount of ways that these tattoo supplies show their strengths. Being able to show a nervous client how safe the studio is will be invaluable to gaining their trust, using high-quality cleaning supplies and equipment makes this possible.

How safe a client will feel isn’t just down to how hygienic the studio space and process is, worries about the tattoo supplies that are used might be holding them back too. Investing in the quality tattoo supplies that directly influence safety is important, this is particularly true for the likes of tattoo inks. Opting for only quality inks is the best way to make sure that they have been tested to meet all of the right safety standards whilst cutting out the risk of counterfeits along the way. What’s more, thanks to the rise in popularity of non-toxic tattoo inks, using quality versions of these tattoo supplies to win the trust of potential clients is even more doable.

Common Concern #2: What If The Tattoo Doesn’t Look How I Thought?

The tattoo horror stories that make their way onto News Feeds, Timelines and even television screens are hard to miss, but it’s not just the more outrageous stories that can put off a once keen client from getting their first inking. It’s not unusualfor a new client to be concerned that their future tattoo simply won’t look right once it’s finished. Whilst much of the success of a tattoo comes down to the skill of an artist, there are a few handy ways that quality tattoo supplies can help an artist out here.

Using a stencil, as many artists do, is a solid way to reassure clients of how their artwork will look. However, only using quality stencil making tattoo supplies will do a good job of this. By using reliable stencil making equipment, the lines will be clear and free from smudges to give the client the best idea of how their piece will turn out for them to check that they are entirely happy before bringing out the machine and inks.

The quality of the tattoo supplies that an artist has in their hand whilst working away will also give a client confidence. By using quality tattoo supplies such as inks that create a vibrant finish that lasts and needles of a high standard that are straight and sharp, a client can be comfortable that their bespoke artwork will look how they envisioned.

Common Concern #3: Tattoos Can Fade Quickly

A tattoo is a permanent expression of a person’s unique character, so it’s no wonder that after taking the time to have their tattoo designed and created that a client will want it to last. Using quality tattoo supplies is a safe bet for helping a tattoo to have a long life. Inks that are superior in quality are worth the investment; passing on poorer versions of these tattoo supplies makes way for inks that are bolder and brighter and will last for the years to come.

Tattoo aftercare, and the tattoo supplies that come with it, is a stage that’s not to be missed. There might be heaps of tattoo supplies that fit into this category and share the same aim of healing a tattoo properly, but only higher quality products will make the cut. With a full range of quality aftercare tattoo supplies at their disposal, a newly tattooed client will have the tools to fully heal their first tattoo and look forward to enjoying it into the future.

Heading into a studio for the first time can be pretty daunting, and any new client will be a little apprehensive about putting their trust into the hands of their artist. By using quality tattoo supplies, an artist will be able to give newcomers answers to a lot of the concerns that they might have so that they can look forward to getting started and having their own personal artwork. We stock a large range of high-quality tattoo supplies at our Mansfield store that will help to give your clients confidence when they come into the studio. Visit us to place your order or make your selection from our online store: