A tattoo artist relies on their carefully curated toolkit of equipment to produce their work and it’s safe to say that without the right tattoo power supply, they wouldn’t get very far. Whilst an artist’s tattoo machine might be the star of the show when it comes to creating each piece, their tattoo power supply is the support team that makes producing their impressive art possible. This means that along with taking the time to weigh up the pros and cons of each tattoo machine, an artist will need to spend time finding the best way to power it.

Each and every tattoo power supply is there to offer the same result; a controlled flow of energy to the tattoo machine that it is hooked up to. Although the different types of tattoo power supply all create the same outcome of a happy and smooth flowing tattoo machine, they have alternative means of getting there. Just as an artist gets to know which machines, needles, inks and other parts of their toolkit work for them, they’ll become familiar with which types of tattoo power supply they prefer. Price is often a starting point for selecting new equipment but it’s not always the most sensible. When scouting out the best tattoo equipment, quality should top the priority list, and choosing a tattoo power supply is no exception. It might be good to have a budget in mind, but there are plenty of other factors to think about along the way to picking the perfect tattoo power supply, let’s take a look at some.

What Types Are There To Choose From?

The tattoo power supply that an artist wishes to opt for to power their work often comes down to two key contenders; analogue and digital. Whilst analogue power supplies have long been relied upon by studios, its fresh-faced counterpart is getting a positive reputation for being easier to use - thanks to its clear digital display - and more powerful. Although a digital tattoo power supply might pull on the purse strings a little more, its range of output levels makes it easy to see why artists favour its flexibility as it suits more machines.

Analogue and digital power supplies aren’t the only options out there, though. In more recent years, wireless power supplies have started to stand their ground as a suitable choice for artists. The main selling point for these newer versions of tattoo power supply is the freedom that they hand artists. With a noticeable absence of cables and a wireless footswitch at their disposal, an artist is free from ties to position themselves as they please without the risk of any tangles.

Variances On Voltage

No matter the type of tattoo power supply, they should all be responsive and efficient. When a client is in the chair, an artist will only be able to create their most inspiring work when their tattoo power supply gives them the power that they need when they ask for it.

Each tattoo power supply will have a power potential that will differ from the next, to put things simply, the higher the voltage, the greater the power that can be pushed through an artist’s machine and into their work. When choosing a tattoo power supply, checking the voltage of each one is a good place to begin, this lets an artist know whether a power supply will pack the punch that they need.

Matching By Machine

Whether or not a tattoo power supply has the right voltage or not will more than likely depend on the tattoo machine that they’re handling. Creating the ideal pairing between machine and the power supply isn’t just about voltages, it’s also about compatibility. Some tattoo power supplies simply won’t play ball with rotary machines, whilst others won’t be friends with coil ones. This compatibility check won’t take long to work out and it will save an artist a whole lot of potential heartache once their tattoo power supply arrives for use.

Regulated Or Not

The pieces that an artist creates are never one-dimensional and neither is the flow of their work. To produce the many different parts of a piece, the pressure that an artist puts on the needle will go up and down and so will the power that they need. Whether a tattoo power supply is regulated or unregulated will help an artist to know how well it will compensate for these fluctuations in power. It tends to be the case that regulated power supplies can compensate quite well for the increases or decreases in power that certain sessions might call for as an artist does what they do best. Thinking about the type of work that an artist will be doing and weighing up the upsides of each of these two options is well worth doing.

Convenience Is Key

The convenience that has made wireless power supplies increasingly popular is apparent in more than one other element of choosing a tattoo power supply, it seems that the supplies that make things as easy as possible for an artist are onto something. There are plenty of tattoo power supply models that allow an artist to hook up multiple machines at once, meaning that switching between lining and shading is simple and doesn’t disrupt an artist’s flow. Some power supplies take convenience to the next level by letting an artist keep presets in its built-in memory for the voltage of each machine in their toolkit, making setting up for a session quick and efficient.

Convenience isn’t just about creating handy solutions for during the tattooing process, it can be about making power portable. Choosing a smaller tattoo power supply doesn’t mean that an artist will have to sacrifice the power that they get; a compact tattoo power supply will have all of the power of a regular supply whilst being ideal for travelling artists that are often on the road heading to exhibitions or guest slots.

With each tattoo power supply having its own set of benefits to shout about, it’s down to the artist to look at how each one would work for them and the pieces that they produce. With practice and knowledge, an artist will begin to learn which tattoo power supply offers them the right set of credentials that will not only amp up the ease of use of their machine but enable them to produce some of their finest work for their clients. We stock an extensive range of high-quality tattoo supplies at our Nottingham store, including a selection of tattoo power supplies. Visit us to place your order or make your selection from our range online: https://www.premiertattoosupplies.com/