When beginning the journey to becoming a tattoo artist, a tattoo starter kit can seem like the ultimate option for getting started easily. Just like when starting from scratch with any new skill, starter kits that put together everything that a learner will need to try their hand at their chosen skill are seen as pretty handy and a tattoo starter kit will be no exception. These kits come across as the ideal way for a beginner artist to get a machine in their hand and ink away without much hassle, however, choosing a ready-made tattoo starter kit might not be all it’s cracked up to be. Let's take a look at why taking the time to put together your own collection of quality tattoo equipment can be a more sensible idea.

Cost Isn’t Everything

It’s not unusual for beginners to be tentative about forking out large amounts for the equipment that they will need to learn a new skill without knowing how successful they will be at it. This reluctance to invest early on is exactly what makes the value that a tattoo starter kit offers so appealing to newcomers to the industry, but is saving a few pounds really worth it? Cost isn’t everything when choosing tattoo equipment, whilst a tattoo starter kit might be pleasing on the price front, it’s important to think about the quality of the equipment that arrives.

It’s easy to understand why value comes to the forefront when setting up to start a new hobby, but learning to tattoo is something that should be taken seriously. Tattooing is a craft and the right tools are worth investing in. Setting aside value and opting for pieces of quality tattoo equipment instead of a tattoo starter kit will be how an artist reaches the ability to ink beautiful designs onto clients in the chair. Although ready-made starter kits from reputable brands will reach quality standards in their own rights, most types of tattoo starter kit are only designed to be used on practice skin. To move forward, an artist will need to pass on the option of a tattoo starter kit and put together their own toolkit of specially chosen equipment. From finding a reliable tattoo machine to sourcing the best set of inks, carefully selecting a collection of quality equipment will ensure that each customer is safe and that the artwork produced is as impressive as possible.

Picking Up Bad Habits

Being a beginner isn’t easy when learning any new skill, let alone tattooing. The maze of new information can seem unnavigable and impossible to work through so when a tattoo starter kit sells itself as the simple solution to having all of the basic tools within quick access, it’s easy to see why they make for a popular choice.

The promised easy-peasy nature of a tattoo starter kit often means that convenience trumps important parts of learning to tattoo, such as research. Tattooing is an art form; from the get-go, an artist should be willing to dedicate time to researching and perfecting their craft. Setting aside convenience and choosing to look into each individual piece of equipment rather than going full steam ahead with a tattoo starter kit means that an artist will become familiar with where quality comes from.

A bad culture of not doing the proper research isn’t the only unhelpful habit that using a tattoo starter kit can encourage, there are plenty of undesirable styles that a beginner can easily pick up as they find their feet, whether they mean to or not. Learning under a professional artist is a safe way to make sure that a newbie is getting the guidance that will teach them to become a respected artist in their own right. Being taught the ropes of putting together a personal tattoo toolkit of quality equipment rather than relying on a tattoo starter kit lets an apprentice artist gain a true understanding of how each piece of equipment will work for them along with how to use them safely and effectively.

Buying Bundles

At first glance, finding a tattoo starter kit might feel like striking gold but although these kits come jam-packed with plenty of tattoo supplies, they often don’t tell the whole tale. A tattoo starter kit will generally cover the bases for the actual inking, but that’s only part of the picture. What the various versions of tattoo starter kit often neglect to include are products for a couple of important steps that are not to be skipped over; preparation and aftercare. So, is it possible to put together a personal set of quality equipment that covers the whole process whilst getting a bit of value too? With the help of bundles, it seems that it could be.

There are heaps of different tattoo supplies that can be bought in bundles, helping to make the thought of choosing a tattoo starter kit a thing of the past. From aftercare products to ink selections, bundles are a useful way to build the elements of a bespoke toolkit of quality supplies without breaking the bank. Building a set of tattoo equipment and buying bundles where possible gives an amateur artist all of the convenience and cost benefits of a tattoo starter kit along with encouraging an approach to choosing tattoo supplies that is based on achieving quality, safety, and good learning.

Setting aside the temptation to make things easy with a tattoo starter kit and choosing to put together a collection of tattoo supplies can be a little daunting for artists that are just starting out, so that’s where we come in. With our experience in the industry, we’ll make sure that what can be an overload of information becomes clear and simple. From choosing the machine that you’ll be comfortable with to selecting the needles that will suit your work, we have a wide range of high-quality tattoo equipment at our Mansfield store and the knowledge to guide you. Visit us to for our expert advice and to place your order or make your selection of quality tattoo supplies from us online: https://www.premiertattoosupplies.com/