Tattoo ink is the foundation of every tattoo artist’s toolkit. Just as classical artists had a set of tools to form their masterpieces, tattoo artists have their own equivalents. Instead of a paintbrush, tattoo artists have needles to carefully create their visual works. Where paints are used on canvas, tattoo artists have a palette of their own, only theirs isn’t oil or acrylic, it’s tattoo ink.

Available in a glorious array of colours, tattoo artists can select their tattoo ink palette to be bespoke for each and every session to produce the piece that perfectly expresses the customer’s vision as they intended. The tones and colours of tattoo ink that are out there can be what first draw a tattoo artist in when putting together their palette, but choosing the right ink goes far beyond appearance. Only the highest quality tattoo ink will perform well for both the artist and their customers in the chair. So, this just leaves the pretty big question of what the giveaway signs of a quality tattoo ink are and which hint that it’s better to steer clear. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that influence tattoo ink quality along with plenty of persuasive reasons why they knock lower grade options out of the water.


Running Smoothly

How free-flowing a tattoo ink is is a good place to begin when thinking about which to choose. This consideration might not seem too critical at first, but it can hugely impact an artist’s abilities to create their work. When the tattoo ink that an artist is working with suddenly stops, things instantly come to a grinding halt. As quickly as that, the artist’s flow is broken and it isn’t always easy to get back. Just like when writing with a temperamental pen, it can be a real challenge to carry on as if nothing happened. Where the tattoo ink gave up, matching up the lines to continue them clearly won’t be plain sailing.

This is where high-quality tattoo ink shows its strengths; better ink means a better consistency for the artist to work with. With an ink that’s easier to work into the skin at their disposal, the artist can create their best work without any restrictions. This means that it’s not only the artist that benefits from investing in a smooth running tattoo ink, the customer gets something out of it, too. Thanks to the freedom that quality tattoo ink offers, the artist will be ready and able to produce the work that will please and impress each customer that comes


Careful Composition

Tattoo ink is really quite complicated stuff. Every ink has a unique composition that uses a different carrier and pigment base. For a while now, there has been a noticeable push towards the use of non-toxic tattoo ink and a move away from more traditional types. Non-toxic inks aren’t nearly as heavily chemical-based as their traditional counterparts, these versions of tattoo ink tend to use safer carriers and organic pigments. Using non-toxic tattoo ink isn’t the only turning point in popularity for this part of a tattoo artist’s toolkit. Traditional tattoo ink often contains animals products with the likes of bone char, gelatin and glycerin commonly making an appearance in the makeup of an ink. Many tattoo ink manufacturers have decided to take a stance against this and make a change by altering their production methods to make ink that is entirely vegan. What’s important here is that these inks have the same depth of colour and performance as any other high-quality tattoo ink. These inks might not offer significant performance improvements, but opting for high quality organic or even vegan options can be safer and more preferable for the customer’s values.


Safety First

There’s no arguing that the safety of every customer should be the priority of all artists. From carefully cleaning with high-grade equipment to tattooing with a reliable machine, there are a whole host of precautions that can be taken for a studio to stay safe. Choosing to use high-quality tattoo ink is a strong step towards ensuring that the good health of customers is being put first. It’s not just how ink is made that can impact its safety, how it has been tested clearly indicates whether it should get the green light. The top tattoo ink manufacturers don’t take this step lightly when bringing an ink to market with some even having third-party labs give their inks a thorough once-over before they send them for artists to use. This kind of rigorous testing to produce high-quality tattoo ink gives both the artist and the customer heaps more confidence to go ahead and use the product without worry.

Cut Out Counterfeits

The problem of counterfeit tattoo ink seems to be making an unwelcome comeback. By skipping over manufacturing regulations and posing as trusted brands, these illegal tattoo inks are dangerous and can cause serious damage to the customer once embedded in the skin. The threat of infections, scarring, chemical burns and other worrying consequences of using these inks aren’t worth the risk. Thankfully, there are some telltale signs that let any reputable artist spot a counterfeit tattoo ink from a mile away. These signs can include wrong colour numbers and other indicators of poorly imitated packaging. Using a high-quality tattoo ink that has been bought from a well-regarded retailer is the best way to be sure that it is safe to use. The leading brands in tattoo ink work tirelessly to create patented formulas for their ink to surpass weaker brands. These highly protected formulations of quality tattoo inks are what makes them hard to copy and all the more worth the investment.

Bolder and Brighter

Every customer that leaves a studio with their new piece of artwork adorned onto their skin will want it to last for as long as possible. It’s common knowledge that there’s more than one reason why a tattoo can fade and much of its staying power is in the hands of the customer and how well they look after it. Using high-quality tattoo ink is a measure that the artist can take to help to future-proof their work. Better quality inks produce a vibrancy and boldness in colour that can’t be matched. The colour depth and brightness that these inks create aren’t short-lived either, it lasts long after the tattoo has healed for the customer to showcase the artist’s work for years to come.

From fuss-free usability and impressive outcomes to simple matters of safety, there are masses of reasons why using high-quality tattoo ink is a beneficial investment for both the artist and the customer. We stock a wide selection of high-performing, quality tattoo ink at our Mansfield store. Visit us to place your order or shop for your quality tattoo supplies from us online: