So, you’ve taken the time to have your personal artwork perfectly designed, it’s been expertly created by your tattoo artist and you’re finally able to admire it, now what? Tattoo aftercare is a step that often gets lost in the excitement of planning for a new tattoo. For the customer, much of the build-up will more than likely be focused on the design of the piece, where it will be placed and choosing the artist that they click with, meaning that aftercare seems a little mundane to think about in comparison. That’s not to say it is ignored entirely, though. Although the customer might simply be looking forward to sitting in the chair and finally getting their new piece of artwork adorned onto their skin, tattoo aftercare is part and parcel of the process for any professional artist.

The skin goes through quite a lot during the tattooing process; with the layers of skin being pierced again and again by the needles of the machine, it’s got a lot to recover from. Taking the time to get the healing process right is just as important as taking the time to design and create the tattoo in the first place. Once your artwork is complete, aftercare is the next step that will determine how your tattoo will look and last. With a proper aftercare routine, each tattoo has a stronger chance of survival and looking as it was envisioned to. Let’s take a look at some of the things to avoid whilst healing a tattoo and the benefits of using tattoo aftercare products to protect the life of each piece.


First Steps

It can take anywhere from a week to a month for a tattoo to fully heal. How long a customer will need to wait for their tattoo to be fully presentable will all depend on the size of the piece and its placement. Regardless of the characteristics of the artwork, it is the first stage of healing that is the most critical for any and all tattoos. This is exactly where a good tattoo aftercare routine comes into play. Working out a thorough routine might sound like hard work, but there is something to look forward to at the end; once healed, the true vibrancy and colour of the ink will finally shine through.

It can be difficult to know where to begin with tattoo aftercare, but the answer is a simple one. The artist who created the tattoo should be the first port of call for learning how to go through the healing process properly. With the customer having already trusted the artist enough to put machine to skin and create their permanent piece, they should look to them for expert advice on how to make it last. After all, the artist will want the best results for their art to look as impressive as possible for as long as possible.

The artist will kick-off the healing process by cleaning the tattoo and wrapping it to ensure that it is kept as clean as possible from the get go. From here, the responsibility is passed to the freshly-tattooed customer. The first wash is the first step to get right. It might be a little messy to start off with, but once the excess fluids and liquid are cleaned away the healing can continue.


Keep It Clean

The skin is essentially an open wound after it has been tattooed, meaning that even touching it with unclean hands is an absolute no-go. With the risk of infection making itself known, the benefits of tattoo aftercare products offer welcome relief from worry.

Cleaning liquids are a sensible starting point, especially when thinking about carrying out the first clean after returning from the studio. Antibacterial and antimicrobial cleaners don’t just have a complicated name for show, these cleaners do an impressive job of sorting out fresh tattoos by removing dirt without leaving any unwanted residue on the skin.

Tattoo aftercare doesn’t stop at the first clean, the skin needs to be well-protected for quite some time afterwards to ward off infection and ensure that it heals nicely. Tattoo aftercare products that become useful here are those that create a protective coating on the skin. Whether it’s a balm or a film, these products should act and feel like a second skin that will look after the new artwork. Along with being antibacterial, it’s a real must that these products be breathable. Without any form of ventilation, it’s all too easy for unwelcome, infection-causing nasties to thrive.


Make Yourself Comfortable

Once the skin starts to heal a little more, one annoyance becomes inevitable; let the itching commence. Whilst there’s no dispute that this can be irritating, it is a healthy sign that it’s so far so good on the healing front. There are plenty of tattoo aftercare products that come to the rescue to help itching subside and make things a whole lot comfier, some of them even include a mild anesthetic to tell the skin to give it a rest. This isn’t solely about comfort, it’s also about letting the tattoo heal, the more that any flaking skin can be left well alone the better. Letting the tattoo heal naturally and steering clear of scrubbing or rubbing that can cause the skin to scar will make sure that the end look of the tattoo isn’t spoilt. By preventing itching and moisturising the skin, these tattoo aftercare products ensure that the skin is free to do as it needs to.


Lock In Your Art

Using protective tattoo aftercare products is a surefire way to ensure that the ink of the tattoo doesn’t budge. Whilst this precaution can stop the ink from making a mess, it’s also a means of locking the ink into the skin for it to last long into the future. Tattoo aftercare products are just part of the picture when it comes to not only healing the tattoo but helping it to have a long life. Tattoo-ageing threats include anything that will prevent the tattoo from healing evenly in the first place along with those that will cause it to fade in the future. So, that means no scrubbing, swimming, steam or sun, particularly during the first stages of tattoo aftercare.

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