Every tattoo artist has a unique style that they have honed over their years of training, but all share one common view when it comes to creating their work in the studio; the importance of high-quality tattoo supplies. Whether an artist is creating a piece of simple line work or a larger piece with heavy shading, it’s essential that they have only the best tattoo supplies in their toolkit. Simply put, the quality of an artist’s tattoo supplies will translate into the quality of the tattoo that they produce for each customer. There’s no need to be modest here, when a customer is pleased with their tattoo, they are far more likely to come back for another sitting. In this post, we’ll take you through just some of the things to think about when looking at the quality of your tattoo supplies and why the importance of this can’t be overstated.

The Right Ink

Tattoo inks are what make up a tattoo artist’s palette; they’re the shades, tones and colours that are used to create each piece of individual art. Whilst different brands of ink often aim to offer a wide array of colours to draw in artists’ interests but, just as with all tattoo supplies, there’s plenty more to think about to determine which also offer the highest quality. Whether an ink is alcohol or water-based or whether its pigment base is organic or not are all factors that artists will consider when selecting this part of their tattoo supplies, but what difference can a high-quality ink actually make?

First and foremost, higher quality inks are nicer to work with. This might seem like a superficial reason to opt for a better ink, but it is entirely justifiable. Higher quality tattoo inks are far easier to work into the skin and run much more smoothly, allowing for a more free-flowing process. With this kind of better performing tattoo supplies at their disposal, the artist can thoroughly enjoy carrying out their work. This isn’t just for the artist’s benefit either, when the artist can enjoy the process and their tattoo supplies perform as they want them to, they can create their best work and truly please their customers.

Whilst it’s the artist that initially gets to enjoy the benefits of using higher quality tattoo inks, it’s the customer that reaps the rewards of this sensible choice in tattoo supplies in the long run. The colours that better quality inks produce are often higher in pigment, making them noticeably bolder and brighter. Along with this vibrant finish, customers will find that their tattoos last longer, giving them even more joy.


The Sharpest Needles

Tattoo needles are a vital part of any tattoo artist’s toolkit. From flat needles to magnums, choosing the right needle type for each type of work is important to get right but, without a high level of quality, these tattoo supplies simply won’t perform well. Whilst tattoo needles such as bugpins might divide opinion, what’s certain is that they should meet a high standard of quality.

So, what makes a tattoo needle a quality one? There are a whole host of factors that determine this, many of which lead to one key thing; the control that the needle gives the artist over their work. This strong demand for as much control as possible from the needle is exactly the reason why needle brands offer a range of gauges and tapers for artists to choose from when selecting their tattoo supplies. With a wider choice of needles at their fingertips, the artist has more freedom to create their designs. A further consideration here is the movement that the needle creates. A higher quality needle will have a far more fluid movement for the artist to work with. The more fluid and consistent the stroke of the needle, the greater control the artist will have.

The state of the needle itself is also hugely important. When opting for tattoo needles that are lower in quality, the artist runs the risk of them arriving in poor condition. It goes without saying that bent and blunt needles can cause serious problems. Any credible artist will be able to assess whether their needles are suitable for use on customers or not, going ahead regardless of these kinds of issues simply isn’t worth the gamble. Crooked tattoo needles or those that aren’t sharp will lead to poor ink distribution and a finished piece that falls short of expectations. Aside from this, these needles can cause damage to the skin when used. When looking at these sorts of worrying outcomes, it’s easy to understand just why high-quality tattoo supplies are important.


Hygiene is Key

Using only the best tattoo supplies isn’t just important for improving the tattooing process and the quality of the final piece, it’s also a means of ensuring that hygiene standards are met. It might sound an obvious factor to consider, but a big part of the safety of tattooing comes down to the quality of the tattoo supplies that are used. Take tattoo needles as an example, the materials that are used to manufacture tattoo needles give a good indication as to whether they are safe for use or not. Reputable brands are extremely careful at making sure that their needles meet quality standards in this sense. Whilst the brands cannot account for each studio’s safety standards, they can take measures to offer as hygienic and safe a tattoo supplies as possible. More often than not, this means that their tattoo needles will be made using medical grade materials and will have been sterilised. Some brands also take a further precaution and offer needles that are available in blister packs that are EO gas sterilised to amp up the safety levels even more.

Tattoo inks and needles are perhaps the most obvious tattoo supplies to get right, but there is much more to consider.

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